Wedding on the Arcachon basin

It all starts with invitations sent to family and friends announcing their sweet engagement plans. Then it’s time to carefully select and choose their venue and suppliers.

As for the location, it will be the Domaine d’Ares”, an extraordinary place in the heart of nature on the Bay of Arcachon. The natural, authentic-chic feel of the region means you can imagine anything, whatever your aspirations.

The emphasis is clearly on well-being and the ability to recharge one’s batteries, whether in the context of friends, family or intimacy, or in the professional sphere.

The combination of location, know-how and motivation will make every event unforgettable!

It’s time for the famous “Once upon a time, we put a ring on each other’s finger”.

Invisible, but genuine and indelible bonds of happiness are about to be forged.

Coralie Terrée, our little mouse of a photographer, will be accompanying us throughout the lines to come, to bring you images of this precious day.

His niche: to be invisible in order to discreetly freeze emotions and capture real, on-the-spot moments in life, spontaneous moments that make for so many happy memories.

She explains that the naturalness and synergy that unite Mariah and Liam enabled her to immortalize sublime moments, full of spontaneity and bursts of happiness.

These 2 went from laughter to tears, from waking up to the night well under way. For her, it was fascinating to capture so many emotions in a single day.

So get on board, it’s time to discover Mariah and Liam’s 24 hours.

We leave you with a tête-à-tête with them and with yourselves! Get ready to discover personalities, moments and emotions. Here we go!!!

It’s 8 a.m. and as the bride and groom wake up, Maxime and the Velum team are already hard at work on this pretty family estate in Ares. Transport Ok, the tents for the cocktail reception and wedding party can now be erected.

Velum will soon be joined by NPA, Sweet Bazaar and Entre eux nous, service providers hand-picked for their professionalism and human qualities.

What’s on the agenda? Installation of flooring, furniture, flowers, lighting, etc.

10 o’clock sounds. The “Garden Party” atmosphere we’re aiming for is starting to take shape, and it’s time to adorn the tents with the essential decorations.
At the helm, the wedding designers from Sweetiesand their faithful sidekick from “Entre eux nous”.
Now it’s a matter of setting up and staging the imagined décor. One objective: to thrill future brides and grooms with a scenography that reflects their personality (while taking into account the technical and visual constraints of the venue and the customer’s budget).

It’s 1pm, and after a quick lunch, Claire from ” Entre eux nous makes her appearance to decorate the flowers. She confides that the choice of flowers was simply obvious, thanks to the many seasonal opportunities offered by the month of June.

Natural, Luminous and Unpretentious were the guiding principles behind the show, which featured Japanese Peonies, Dahlias and Anemones. Keeping the foliage allowed us to create a link between the décor and the environment of the Domaine d’Ares“.

Now it’s the turn of Mademoiselle Mouche ‘s” stationery to find its place in the previously installed scenography.

Céline, our Mademoiselle Mouche, takes it to heart to accompany her brides and grooms, ensuring consistency and a common thread throughout the wedding day. Her method is to think up the stationery for the big day in advance, so that it follows on from the invitations, itself designed to resemble the bride and groom.

For Mariah and Liam, the choice of Announcements, Numbers and Table Plans, Menus, and other Place Marks, focused on natural white and olive-green colors combined with kraft textures to give a timeless feel.

3pm sharp !!!! The decorating is complete and the makeover is in full swing.

Tucked away in the cocooned rooms of the estate, the groom-to-be and his bride prepare for their wedding, each on their own.

What a privilege for “ Coralie Terrée to be able to slip from one atmosphere to another to capture these moments. (It’s always quite funny for the bride and groom to discover through their photos the difference in atmosphere on one side and the other. It’s just a question of which room is more stressful ;))

Mariah’s personality, her choice of dress (or rather, her choice of dresses) and the atmosphere of the wedding, with 2 moods, 2 highlights, inspired Jennifer Degritot to create post-war hairstyles in which the codes are: notches, curls, movement, carré, Rolls…

Thanks to a 2020-style revisit, Mariah will look sublime in her @elsagary gown chosen for the occasion by Aline and Loïc of La Bonne Robe.

5pm: Mariah and Liam’s engagement approaches… It’s also the story of their discovery. And it’s in the middle of the estate’s stables that they finally meet!

The bride and groom and their photographer had decided to immortalize their “first look”. It’s a powerful moment for the bride and groom!

Here, the choice of a very intimate moment, just for them, was favored. Lovers take time out in the middle of the day to (re)discover each other.

We’ll tell you the truth: the moment before the reunion is often a stressful one… But it soon gives way to an explosion of emotions, followed by a time of true comfort!

With their serenity restored, Mariah and Liam now head for the salt meadows, where ” Sissy et ses cérémonies” awaits them to celebrate their union in Elopment mode.

Their history is retold in an original and cosmic way, thanks to their numerological themes…

Words and intentions come together to give life and meaning to this unique moment!

They say “YES” to each other in front of a conquered audience and can head off for a well-deserved cocktail. 7pm sounds !!!

It’s the perfect time to get together and enjoy colorful, tasty seasonal cuisine prepared by Natacha from “C si Bon”. C si Bon “.

The “Plane” & “Cocktail” modes are activated so you can stroll on the grass and enjoy the space offered by the ” Domaine d’Arès “.

Conviviality and sharing are part of the party, and every bite is an invitation to travel.

Bite after bite, the straws succumb to the variety offered by the plant-based dishes. The Nature theme is once again in the spotlight.

9pm,night has fallen. The lighting work by VelumEvent and Sweet Bazaar takes on its full meaning and will be a real playground for Coralie as she takes on the technical photographic challenge!

With or without flash, each moment is analyzed to make the most of the moment, the place and the atmosphere!

Backstage, warm and cozy, Mariah, thanks to “ Jennifer Degritot “from the 1st hair mood (airy movement + notch) to the2nd (vintage carré spirit, done without a cut + golden link to emphasize the notch).

It’s time to feast, so it’s a good idea to don your @sophiesarfati dress, chosen for the evening by Aline and Loïc of La Bonne Robe.


It sparkles, it shimmers, it crackles with light, love and sharing. Wedding Cake can make its entrance!!! (Thank you ” C si Bon “). It reflects Mariah and Liam’s day: sober and elegant.

The day after the party: That’s it, a chapter is over and it’s time to get back to reality.

Velum’ s dismantling of the tents gave the bride and groom a chance to take stock. The commitment, emotions and proofs of love from their loved ones obviously overwhelmed them. They are also keen to note the contribution, participation and experience of their service providers.

They all share strong notions of professionalism, and all have an identity, a DNA deeply focused on Humanity and the adventures we share together; the Stories we write with each other.

Without pretense and with a deep, refreshing benevolence.

Thanks to Sissy for these lovely words about a day full of Love!

A few words about our service providers:

The will of Velum Event is to support and reassure future brides and grooms throughout the organization of their wedding, and to ensure their complete satisfaction.

NPA : With a network of partners and a wide range of reception and decoration equipment, we are committed to providing our future brides and grooms with a quality service adapted to each of their requests.

Sweeties Sweeties : As passionate as we are perfectionists, we take it to heart that our exchanges with our customers are filled with listening and kindness, the basis of a relationship of trust shared throughout this adventure that is the preparation of a wedding.

Between them we : On this day, each service provider had his own importance and place, which meant that everything “flowed naturally”, and the result was more than magical!

Entre Eux Nous was born 3 years ago! My approach remains simple: I listen carefully to my customers and their wishes. I take the time to get to know them so that I can adapt the floral decoration to their personality, while adding my own personal touch. My aim is to accompany them and guide them in their choices, from initial contact to installation. Knowing, and reading afterwards, that they were happy with the discovery of floral decoration touches me and encourages me to continue down this path! “

Coralie Terré e Joyful and positive, I love life, people and travel. My love of photography goes back to my early childhood. I’m fascinated by this quest for emotions, this desire to capture real, on-the-spot moments in life, those spontaneous moments that are so precious to us.

Passionate and in love with light, through photography I love to play with the sun throughout the day. When night falls, the lighting work done by VelumEvent and Sweet Bazaar is both a real technical challenge for photography and a real playground for me! With or without flash, every moment deserves to be properly analyzed to create photographs that best define the moment, the place and the mood!

Jennifer Degritot: Passionate for 25 years, today I put my skills at the service of future brides. Accompany them to choose the hairstyle that will best suit their desires and inspirations, as well as their theme, dress and body type! Every bride is unique, and so must be her hairstyle. (listening, empathy, availability, know-how, unique, support, advice, experience ….)

La Bonne Robe

Because the world is changing and consumer trends are evolving, we work with the biggest brands and the most fashionable designers to offer a selection of exceptional wedding dresses, direct from their workshops. These are prototypes, the end of the collection, or dresses worn for photo shoots, fashion shows, fittings… 70% of our dresses are new.

We are also a sales depot!!! So you’ll also be able to resell your dress, after your wedding, if you wish, whether the dress was bought from us or not, and this represents around 30% of the dresses in the showroom.

This is the essence of the concept: no compromise on the quality of the dresses, a service worthy of the top brands and designers we represent, while offering prices up to 60% lower all year round.

C si BON : Natasha, Home chef, I offer you a cuisine inspired by my origins, my travels, my encounters… As a fruit and vegetable lover, I let myself be inspired by nature and seasonality, and offer you a colorful, gourmet cuisine made from fresh, seasonal produce selected mainly from local producers and artisans.

The spirit of brunch blows through my menu, where plants are at home and Martinique is a regular guest.

Discover a gastronomic world apart, mine and perhaps soon yours.

My little extra?! A food truck to liven up your events!

Sissy Cérémonies : Sissy is my nickname, and for me, a secular (or symbolic) ceremony is an interlude in our hectic daily lives, where we take the time to highlight and celebrate a special moment in life, an important milestone.

It’s about sharing with your loved ones a moment of strong, authentic sharing, where history, values and messages take precedence over everything else…

Unique, indelible links are created through this unique experience, where shared emotions, intentions and words help to strengthen your relationship and your shared history. #pourquecejourcompte, Jack Dawson – TITANIC

That’s why Creating and Celebrating Moments where Words and Intentions are highlighted according to your Personalities is My Commitment.

Weaving authentic Links for those whose path crosses mine, and giving life to an experience full of Meaning and Emotions is My Life Mission.

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