Wedding in Arcachon

E & R, children of the Arcachon basin, naturally choseArcachon for their wedding!

I was lucky enough to be their wedding photographer, and today I’m happy to share this excerpt from their big day with you!

There aren’t many wedding reception halls in the Arcachon basin, and even fewer in the town of Arcachon, apart from the famous Tir au Vol hall. Our future bride and groom wanted to create a wedding that reflected their image, a day of warmth and conviviality to welcome their 80 guests.

They organized their wedding day in Arcachon, choosing local service providers, with a reception in the same place as their religious ceremony: the Moulleau district!

Just a few minutes by car from the Dune du Pyla, and less than 2 minutes’ walk from the Moulleau beach, this neighborhood is an ideal place to combine conviviality and authenticity, just like our two Lovers of the Day!

Discover some excerpts from this wedding report on the Arcachon basin, sweet memories of May 2022!

Bridal preparations in Arcachon

A wedding that begins under a beautiful sun in May 2022 with Eva’s preparation in the famous salon of the hotel Haaitza in Le Pyla!

Preparations for the groom and his witnesses in Arcachon

Civil marriage ceremony at Arcachon town hall

At the end of the morning, the civil ceremony took place at the Arcachon town hall, marvelously orchestrated by the groom’s mom (a great dose of emotion guaranteed!). Eva had chosen to take advantage of this civil ceremony to break the mould and surprise friends and family with a lively outfit for the start of your holiday. wedding! She said yes to her Lover, in an elegant pink suitsigned Maje! Among the excerpts from this report, you’ll no doubt notice their choice of alliances ! Here too they had chosen some of the funniest ones especially for the town hall!

Arcachon town hall for civil marriage
Arcachon town hall for civil marriage
The bride and her dad enter the arcachon town hall
the bride and groom in the wedding hall
brides and grooms and wedding rings in Arcachon
the bride and groom after the ceremony

Preparing the bride before the religious ceremony

the wedding dress
wedding photography

Religious ceremony, Eglise Notre Dame des Passes Arcachon

After a quick visit to the bride’s home to change her outfit, the day continued with a religious ceremony at the Notre Dame des Passes church in Le Moulleau.

photographe de l'eglise notre dame des passes à arcachon
wedding photographer bassin d'arcachon
church exit arcachon wedding photographer

Having created a personalized announcement card with an illustration of them at the foot of this famous church, we were keen to photograph this image as they left the church. A powerful image, with their dog Marti, to mark the realization of this long-awaited event!

wedding photographer arcachon

The wedding reception in Arcachon

Because of their history and knowledge, they wanted to celebrate their union in a place close to their hearts. And it was only natural that they chose to celebrate their vin d’honneur at Fernande’sa bar with a strong reputation in the local thirtysomething community. Arcachon basin! The meal won’t be served in a room with catererbut at the Gardenthe restaurant next door, whose warm welcome has been more than recognized in the few years it’s been open!

And not least, these two establishments are located at the foot of the Notre Dame des Passes church in Arcachon’s famous Moulleau district.

And what could be more magical than celebrating your wedding just a stone’s throw from the beaches of Pyla sur Mer?

Couple photos on the beach in Arcachon

Before heading off to dinner, we took advantage of the end of the vin d’honneur and the beautiful end-of-day lights (the famous “golden hour”), to slip away for a few minutes and take some couple photos by the water. It was an opportunity for our two Lovers to take a moment for themselves, in total intimacy, by the water, a little break in theiodized air, a 15-minute interlude in a day full of energy, the chance toimmortalize a few moments full of complicity and emotion.

A short jaunt on foot, that’s the advantage of having celebrated their union in this part of Paris.Arcachonto have the chance to immortalize beautiful memories of this weddingfeet in the sand, breathing in thesea aira moment like a little love bubbleto relax and take time to reflect on the happy few hours that have just passed!

wedding photography in arcachon
wedding photography in arcachon
wedding photography in arcachon
wedding photography in arcachon
wedding photography in arcachon

The wedding reception and dinner in Arcachon

For the wedding reception and dinner, we’ll be having a convivial aperitif at Le Jardin restaurant in Arcachon!

After an excellent dinner, the Lovers chose a naked cake as their wedding cake! A wonderful wedding cake with a fresh, sparkling fragrance, created by the cake designer Little cake sister (whose wedding I was lucky enough to immortalize a year ago!).

wedding cake in arcachon
Wedding photo arcachon
photograph of the wedding ball opening in arcachon

As a wedding photographer, I’ve always wanted to capture your memories as naturally as possible.

After months of discussion, I still want to convey your personalities through your photos. No two wedding reports are alike, because every photo report must reflect the people it represents.

My role is to sneak in, as unobtrusively as possible, to capture every emotion, every energy, so that you can live and relive this beautiful day as many times as you plunge into your photo album.

Here is a short extract from their photo report, a bright day full ofLove!

Their wedding suppliers in Arcachon:

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