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La photographe Coralie Terrée rigole en observant le ciel dans le pays basque au milieu des montagnes

a smile,
an emotion,
for a moment,
a souvenir.



Photographer of your moments of joy

I’m Coralie Terrée, a photographer based in the Arcachon Basin. I travel all over Gironde, Aquitaine and wherever love takes you! I photograph your life moments on the occasion of your wedding, a couple session, pregnancy or family. My aim is to capture a spontaneous moment in life. Find out more about me, the person behind the camera.

Your photos tell your story

Let's get to know
each other

Who I am

My name is Coralie – or Coco for my little clients, I’ve been a photographer in the Arcachon basin and Bordeaux area since 2014. Joyful and positive, I love life, people and travel. My love of photography goes back to my early childhood. I capture your life moments with sincerity and contagious good humor. I’m fascinated by this quest for emotions, this desire to capture real, on-the-spot moments in life, those spontaneous moments that are so precious to us.

la photographe Coralie Terrée sur le bassin d'Arcachon
photographie de deux mains d'un couple lors d'une séance photo de grossesse sur la dune du pyla à Arcachon

My mission

Transcribe your

photographie d'un couple de futurs parents au coucher de soleil en bord de mer pendant leur séance photo de grossesse à Arcachon
un couple qui court pendant leur mariage lors d'un reportage mariage au domaine de la dame blanche à grignols

Your photos, your
emotional heritage

Much more than a photo shoot, I attach great importance to the experience. When you book a photo session with me, you’re treating yourself to a moment out of time. Doing a photo shoot with me is like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, giving yourself a moment to breathe, a privileged moment to capture the essence of your personality, the uniqueness of your connections or, for you professionals, to showcase your expertise. It’s immortalizing a moment in life, capturing authentic emotions. It means bringing your story to life through sincere, warm and spontaneous images, creating an emotional heritage that transcends time.

Over time, objects break, people disappear, and sometimes your memories fade; but photos endure. They are a faithful record of your life, allowing you to relive precious moments over and over again.

My approach

my way of working

une photographie de jeunes mariés pendant leur mariage au domaine de la dame blanche à grignols

Sincere and discreet reporting

As a mobile photographer in France and abroad, adept at photo reportage, I literally offer you a photographic documentary of your wedding day. During your photo shoot, I’ll accompany you, while making you forget about your events. My aim is to ensure that your photos reflect your personality, your moment, and that your photo report is as close to you as possible, as natural as possible.

I’ll share with you the precious moments we experience around a wedding, a christening, a pregnancy photo session, a couple or family moment, an EVJF/EVG, or any other event you’d like to keep an indelible trace of. I also work with companies to showcase their services and products, and to create lookbooks.

Tell me about yourself: we’ll arrange to meet over the phone or over a cup of tea to talk about your expectations, your day, your desires, simply about you.

un couple d'amoureux pendant une séance photo de grossesse à Arcachon au bord de la mer
un portrait de famille pendant une séance photo nouveau né sur bordeaux
photographie de bijoux lors d'un reportage pour une entreprise de magasin sur arcachon

my photographic


My photos exude a soft, warm atmosphere, where every smile, every hug and every shared moment seems to light up your memories. My sensitive and sincere approach enables me to create images imbued with human warmth, authentically reflecting the tenderness and complicity of your bonds.


Because joy is contagious, I’m committed to capture the happiest moments of your life. My photos are lively and imbued with positive energy, enthusiasm and a genuine joie de vivre. Each photo is a testimony to the present moment, captured in all its sincerity.


I capture real moments in your lives, the true essence of your personalities and highlight the loving bonds that unite you. All without artifice or posing. Each photo exudes spontaneity and tells a unique story, giving you timeless, authentic memories.

photographie d'un couple au coucher de soleil lors d'une séance photo de grossesse à Arcachon

Let's meet?


une mariée émue pendant son mariage au domaine le Herre photographiée par Coralie Terrée

To tell
your story

I invite you to share a little more about yourself, your inspirations and your dreams for your photo experience.

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